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Starconn is a pilot in Taiwan Connector Field. Starconn focus on adding the Brand Value and Product Diversity. Starconn also integrates with the main technologies and welcomes talents.

Starconn R&D center sets up the design platform to integrate the develop technology. Through this platform, the design skills are systematized and transparent. It makes Starconn’s short period and high efficiency in product design. In the beginning of product design, to short the time to market, and assure the reliability requests on the new products, Starconn’s R&D center uses many CAE softwares on mold flow simulation for the plastic components, Mechanical Simulation, and Signal Integrity Simulation. Starconn keeps optimizing the capacities on product design and production for our treasure customers. Meanwhile, for encouraging innovation, Starconn also apply the patents for our products. Starconn has total 522 patents till the end of 2022.